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What is the Manuelito Project?

The Manuelito Project is a non-profit Christian Organization that is overseen by the "Amor y Vida" (Love and Life) Evangelical Holiness Church of Honduras, different local churches and many friends residing in and outside of our country.

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Why did this project begin?

  • Because children are the most vulnerable people in this world (to drugs, abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc.)
  • Because street children are the most neglected by society and their families.
  • Because their suffering makes us suffer
  • Because God moves us towards them.

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Our Vision

To see Honduras free of children living on the city streets.

To see those who are currently on the streets, rescued and given a chance for an education that will enable them to become good men and women, immersed in the development and productivity of our country, and seeking God's will in their lives.

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Where do the funds come from?

Contributions from individuals and institutions, the local church, and other churches in and outside the country of Honduras.